“We Care A Lot About The Little Things, The Bigger Things We Top
We Care A Lot About You People Yeah You Bet We Care A Lot” Faith No More

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Passion (n): any strong felt emotion, a strong enthusiasm for something

When I was 16 I had a conversation with a good friend in which he described me as “passionate”. There was nothing of the come one about this conversation, I was upset about something (I was 16, of course I was upset about something!) & part of the technique he was using to comfort me was to dissect my personality and point out how I deal with things. I have forgotten much of what he said but the word passionate stayed with me. Mainly as I couldn’t get to grips with what he meant.

It took years for me to work out that actually being passionate about things is a good thing. It is a deep capacity to feel, to care, to be moved. Now, conversely, I can let a LOT of stuff pass me by. My ability to deal with deeply emotive things (recenlty much tested) and be ok at first seems at odds with this, until you realise that if you’re going to be passionate about some subjects then you have to let a lot go or you’d never cope!

Now this passion gets me into trouble. (No, not like that, rinse your minds out at the back!) It means I sabotage my own arguments on things that matter to me as I get so fired up I lose the thread of a debate. It recently left me unable to speak in a pub for almost an hour as some unpleasant chat, to my mind, rolled on about disability and motor scooters. It also means I’m chronically, disasterously, easy to wind up. Total sense of humour fail, which I always spot just too late and leads to other people dying of laughter at me. Not unkindly, and when I know I’ve been done I laugh as well. But you’d think I’d learn, right?

Anyway, moving onto wider issues, one of the things I love about Twitter is the diverse range of people that I interact with every day on there and how incredibly passionate so many are about many different things. I love posts and blogs about law, police work, nail polish, make up, books, food, mental health, even the ones about burritos! They all tell such a human tale of people’s likes, interests, and yes, passions. I admire the eloquence with which people can write and tweet about things so close to their hearts.

Subjects on which I am passionate about (should you be interested or just what to wind me up):

  • feminism
  • rape
  • treatment of disabled people
  • good manners
  • fair play
  • the debating style of the House of Commons

There are others, clearly, but they’re personal and staying that way.

So what about you? Do you have things you’re so passionate about you could burst as you try to talk about them? Do you love to argue your point eloquently? Or are you just not that fussed? And what about things that other people care about; interested or not so much? Thoughts on a comment box-shaped postcard, please.


10 thoughts on “Passion

  1. I’ll be honest I do have the problem (is it really a problem?) with arguing about my specialised subject I’m passionate about. I tend to have the words tripping out my mouth before they have formed themselves into true facts in my head.

    But if it wasn’t for passion or passions, what sort of person would we be.

    I’m glad I get passionate about stuff. I’m glad I get passionate about more than one thing. If I didn’t I know I wouldn’t be what I am or who I .

  2. Passion is a very important (and attractive!) character trait. Educational inequality and literacy is what I’m passionate about, to the point of tears or fury. But it has carried me through nearly 20 years of my career!

  3. Good post I’m the same – NEVER learn that I’m being wound up and sometimes am accused og being aggressive for being passionate about something and taking my point strongly. This upsets me as I really don’t intend to be unpleasant!

  4. Amongst other things specialist subjects include:
    human rights (and their regular misrepresentation)
    basic manners
    education policy
    international affairs – I realise that’s broad but in particular things like war crimes development aid policy

    There are many more!

  5. Passion is important but so is focus, know where you are and where you want to go and be passionate about it. I’m a carer for my disabled son and an Open University Law student (early days). Obviously the treatment of disabled people is very important but society tends to forget about their carers. £55 a week Carers Allowance does not go far.

    I’ve just started a blog entitled Parent Carer Student at

  6. I can bore people to death about things I am passionate about so sometimes I prefer to keep my mouth shut as not many of the people in my life share my interests!

    However, I am glad that I have them as it means that I am alive and care about something and am not some lethargic lump sitting in a corner dribbling.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, here & on Twitter.

    There general consensus is that people prefer passionate as it indicates interest and enjoyment of life. So I guess that’s a good thing.

    I also like all the mentions people have made about being passionate about their work. It wasn’t an area I really touched on but it is good to see.

  8. I’ve given up on being passionate about stuff, as I finally noticed everyone rolling their eyes and . signalling “he’s off again” when I started up about religion or Tories or why David Beckham is the most over-rated player of all time. I’m loath to blame it on their ignorance, so I suspect it’s because I just lapse into foaming cliché and other people’s jokes.

    now, I tend to save my passion for the positive: usually going on about food, cricket and the wonders of science.

    my friends still find me boring as fuck though.

  9. Nicely Written, Princess. I suffer from the malaise of getting passinoate about anything that I like from discrimination of any description right down to why you shouldn’t collect Nectar pints (don’t ask). I also suffer from that lack of focus you speak of which makes me an easy target for mirth and easy to ignore. C’est la vie.

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