People Google The Funniest Things…

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” ~ U2

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Search (vb): to look through thoroughly in order to find someone or something

What did we do without Google, hey? Who can recall such a time? If you wanted to look something up you had to use a dictionary or one of those Encyclopaedia Brittanicas’ your parents invariably got from Reader’s Digest. You even sometimes visited a library and spoke to an actual person for help. Whereas these days type a few simple words into search engine and ping, the world is your oyster. We have Wiki and Ask Jeeves and Yahoo, and even Twitter if you’re feeling too lazy or otherwise unable to perform a search yourself at that given moment. Generally someone will always help out.

Now I’ve been off sick for awhile and oh dear; googling symptoms, operations, side effects is never a good idea. The terms I have put into Google would make your hair curl! I’d share but some of you may be eating. I am also clearly, according to the internet, dead.

But putting my death to one side for the time being, what has got me fascinated since I started blogging is the searches that lead to blog posts. Previously when people talked about these I didn’t have a scooby what they were on about. Now I can’t get enough!

Check out these beauties and see if you have any idea whose blog they led to:

dear santa: i was good all the year, ps: last weekend doesnt count                               human write off                                                                                                                       I have a meeting with my manager which ends up in a full scale shouting match, he tells me to walk if that’s my attitude

If you have no idea this will give it away:

how long is a bizzle?

Obviously it is @LegalBizzle, who is an in house commercial/contracts lawyer (read his blog here, it’s aces). However what the buggery was anyone trying to find out with those searches? Why even type them in? The only one with any pertinence to anything is “How long is a bizzle?” and, whilst a good question, I don’t think it’s any of our business!

So how about these:

 big rubbish bin                                                                                                                  yearly planner calendar                                                                                                          I am a wizard  

Ok, so final clue:

Is being in the army worth losing your girlfriend.

Yes, that’s right, it’s @toomanyblueys who writes the great and at times heart-wrenching blog The MOD Stole My Boyfriend. Now I love the fact that someone typed ‘I am a wizard’ into a search but how on earth did they get to that blog? The internet works in mysterious ways sometimes. I wonder if they found what they were looking for when they got there?

So what about you guys? Any embarrassing searches you want to own up to? Did you find what you were looking for? Or are you a blogger who has encountered some ‘interesting’ search term hits? If the latter & you want to share please email me at I’d love to write more posts on this subject – maybe match the blog to the search term? Would people be interested in this? Hell, I could even consider throwing in a prize! Thoughts on a comment box-shaped postcard, please.


ps.Many thanks to LegalBizzle and TooManyBlueys for their donations to this piece.

pps.A recent search hit on my blog was very personal and something only a few people would know to associate with me and even less would search for. As I had to lock my Twitter account previously due a stalker issue, this has somewhat disturbed me. If you’re reading this and did that search, or you know who did, please let me know at, just for my peace of mind. Thanks.

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