More Happiness…

“I feel myself falling, I’m feeling happy now” ~ Take That

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Happy (adj): feeling or expressing joy, causing joy or gladness, fortunate or lucky


Continuing the theme.

Happiness is:

Sharing a bottle of Malbec over a chat with a good friend

An epic party


The satisfaction of a job well done

Having nice neighbours

Family, including memories of those loved and sadly departed

Having a day of laziness to yourself to do whatever just because you can


Winning the lottery. So what if it’s only a £4.70, it’s a win, right?


Even better, getting dressed up and going out for cocktails


I’m going to keep writing these so please send your own thoughts on what makes you happy on a comment box-shaped postcard.



2 thoughts on “More Happiness…

Comment Box-Shaped Postcard

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