Unexpected happiness…

“I feel myself falling, I’m feeling happy now” ~ Take That

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Happy (adj): feeling or expressing joy, causing joy or gladness, fortunate or lucky


I like doing these posts. They’re like a blog version of counting your blessings. So, to continue…

Happiness is:

A long hot bath

Knowing people who live up to their own standards

The anticipation of a first kiss

Making somebody smile

Making somebody laugh

Being accepted for who you really are

Something good happening to a friend

Someone making you a cup of tea in the morning

Random and unexpected nice things in the post

A lie in on a Saturday, just because you can


Hope these make you smile. Please keep sharing yours too…



5 thoughts on “Unexpected happiness…

  1. Love these!

    How about:
    A great first line in a book
    The first snowfall in winter
    The smell in the air before it rains
    Hearing a person’s smile while on the phone with them

  2. Walking through wintry weather to reach a pub with a real fire, good ales and a hearty roast dinner.
    Teenytiny gestures or words from friends that represent a huge amount of thoughtfulness.
    Posters on lampposts telling you a much-loved cat or dog has been FOUND and not to worry.
    Keeping alive the hope that George RR Martin will finish writing the whole damn series.
    Eggs florentine.

  3. Happiness is …

    An empty office with the phones switched off

    Bolognese sauce that has been cooked with very small pieces of lime peel added

    Knowing I have a vintage bottle of Cristal in the fridge and one day, very soon, I’ll be opening it for no real reason

    A book with a great ending (so many authors fail dismally when it comes to the last few pages of a book … as if they did not really want to finish writing it)

    A BACS statement from the Legal Services Commission with lots of entries

    Days away with my wife at a nice country hotel with a great restaurant

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