The Only Way Is Twitter?

“And you can say what you want but you want change my mind, I’ll feel the same about you.” ~ Texas

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Twitter (v): to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird. To talk lightly and rapidly, esp.of trivial matters. (n): Social media site


The song choice? Bite me. The word ‘twitter’ doesn’t turn up in that many songs that I’m aware of. Besides, I think it’s perfect. I love Twitter, nothing will ever change that. And it sums up the annoying, ‘I’m always right and I know better than you’ brigade pretty well too.

And they are the main reason I am here. To say that for a bit I won’t be here. Or,at least, I’m going to be a bit quieter. Yes, I agree that people announcing they are ‘having a Twitter break’ is a bit wanky but if I don’t explain and just go quiet, there are people who will worry and think I’ve ‘done something stupid’. That being the universal diplomatic term for having topped oneself. However it’s also got to the stage where if I even mention that a lot of people follow me and, seemingly, care for me, I get accused of showing off.

So, in essence Twitter, it’s me and it’s you. I am tired of not being able to say certain things, debate certain issues, or talk to certain people without being leapt on. I am tired of things that I see that are so breathtakingly arrogant, cruel, ignorant, bigoted (I won’t go on, you get the gist) that it’s grinding me down. I want my time on Twitter primarily to be fun. As I say on my about page on here “I live in London, work in Law Enforcement, and tweet a great deal of nonsense.” Well I’m missing my nonsense. Twitter is great for so many things; news, debates, bad jokes, sometimes even good jokes. I get a great deal of pleasure and information from being on Twitter. But when it regularly puts me in a bad mood as opposed to a good one? Yeah, something is definitely wrong with that picture.

So, without all being too melodramatic about, I’m going offski for a bit. Pleae don’t do the whole weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I won’t be gone long. I might even be back by the time you are reading this. But I need to get certain things straight in my head and currently the only way to do that is not Twitter.

Also, for those of you who will get the reference, if you’re thinking I’m quiet, just think of me with a sign reading “I ATEN’T DEAD.”



7 thoughts on “The Only Way Is Twitter?

  1. You beat me to it! I’m in the middle of my own ‘why I’m leaving twitter for a bit’ post! Take care honey xx

  2. Oh, Princess!

    Up until October, last year, I was firmly in the “only sad people use social media” camp. I’d been on the internet back in the Stone Age, being so old – when the only way to communicate with more than one person was to join a newsgroup. I’ve seen the rise and partial fall of things like Microsoft and Yahoo Messenger, and MySpace. When FaceBook took off, I chortled at the fact that people I knew – people I had previously thought were sensible – were concerned about something someone had posted on FB about them.

    Today, I work in an organisation where only me and another colleague are not on FaceBook – it still amuses me that people take it so seriously

    I joined Twitter because, and don’t laugh, I wanted to see what the progfessional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing were saying (Dance is probably my favourite art form after music). Very soon, I found that @CrimeLineLaw was on Twitter and followed him and some of his followers.

    Suddenly, Twitter took on a whole new meaning to me … here were lawyers who tweeted about things that not only interested me but were important to me. I cruelly unfollowed the dancers and started following some interesting police officers as well.

    Then I started to interact. I posted a couple of tweets … got involved in conversations …. found people as obsessed with music as me. I started finding people were following me

    Oh, it can be addictive. I fully admit I have wasted far too much time discussing things like the best guitar track of all time, the unrealised genius of The Monkees, etc. I have also learned a lot. Most importantly, I have discovered genuinely nice people (of which you number very highly) whose tweets I love to read and love to react to. Twitter often makes me smile (a good thing) and sometimes makes me laugh out loud (even better thing).

    But at the end of the day, Twitter is still an inconsequential piece of fluff. I can go a whole day without looking at it. I can flick through my timeline and switch it off again without tweeting. If I’m bored, Twitter will pique my interest and I can easily while away an hour or two on it.

    Yes … there have been people who have really annoyed me. I either argue back until I’m bored with arguing back, or simply unfollow them. If people retweet stuff that I find inane, I unfollow them. In the great scheme of things, it simply does not matter.

    So don’t get concerned, worried, annoyed, angered by anything you read on Twitter. Cull the number of people you follow. It can actually be quite good fun in itself!

    I look forward to your return. But if you don’t return, so be it. I would miss your tweets but its not the end of the world. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking Twitter is important in your life, because it ain’t.

  3. So thank you all for your comments, both on here & on Twitter. I know my break was brief but I went through quite a positive mental shift while I was reading but not tweeting.

    There are lots of reasons I follow people who annoy me – mainly because life would be so boring if we were all the same! Sometimes, they say things so off base I am shocked. However, that is their opinion and I can chose to debate with them, ignore them, unfollow them etc. I just started getting too bothered by Twitter and that’s not what it is about.

    As John so eloquently says, it’s a bit of fluff. I’ve met some of the nicest fluff of my life through it but my life is about me, not my Twitter account.

    So the only way is not Twitter. But I’m going to keep tweeting my nonsense, all the same.

    Thanks all.

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