I (don’t) Believe In A Thing Called Love

“I believe in a thing called love.” ~ The Darkness

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Love (vb): to have a great affection for a person or thing, to have a passionate desire for someone


I’ll share a secret with you; I don’t believe in love.

I don’t believe in love like I don’t believe in tables. Or trees. Or ovens. Things of such tangible matter that one does not believe in them as they are so irrefutably there. For me, that’s what love is.

I love my friends, past and present. I love my family, mostly still present. I love my lovers, past and present and even the useless.

My love, once given, is not withdrawn. As the sonnet says Love does not alter when it alteration finds. I may chose not to invest further in that love, that the damage to myself is too great, but that does not mean, if I have ever truly loved, that I will stop loving.

To believe in love as all encompassing force is, to me, wrong. It’s an amazing emotion, one of the best we humans have. As the Magic Sitar says in Moulin Rouge, as gifted the line by Toulouse-Lautrec: The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. But don’t believe in it, do it! It’s not a faith, it’s a tangible thing. The power of love (skirting over Huey Lewis here) is an amazing thing. The fervent love a mother has for a child, the passionate desire for a lover, the emotion that has sustained a marriage to a golden wedding anniversary; that is a more than worth a belief, that’s a power worth harnessing.

Love isn’t something to be believed in. It’s to be experienced, shared, enjoyed. Yes, sometimes wept over, but much more so to smile over, even at times through the tears. Love is amazing. To love is amazing.

Don’t just believe in it. Do it. Love someone, love something. Together we could power the world.



3 thoughts on “I (don’t) Believe In A Thing Called Love

  1. To love is not something you choose. It is something you feel. Yes, it is a great feeling, but you cannot choose to just DO it. And you have even less influence over being loved in return.

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