The Smell of Happiness

“I feel myself falling, I’m feeling happy now” ~ Take That

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Happy (adj): feeling or expressing joy, causing joy or gladness, fortunate or lucky


Scents can evoke such memories, bad and good. These are a few that make me smile…


Happiness is:

Freshly baked bread

Clean, lavender-scented, sheets

REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil

A new book

The air just before it rains on a warm day

Freshly cut grass

A favourite perfume

Oriental lilies

A Nicotiana plant in the evening

Fresh clean sweat on a lover


Do share yours on a comment box-shaped postcard.



12 thoughts on “The Smell of Happiness

  1. Smell is an amazing thing. My dad used to work in the print industry. He did the type setting for the printing presses. The print shop was huge and the smell as a kid stuck with me. Huge rolls of paper and printing ink. Childhood memories.

    Years later in the police we used to collect papers on the night shift from the newspaper printers. One morning the papers were not out ready for us. The chap said “follow me” and heckled me into the back of the print shop to collect some just off the press.

    He collected a few and was chatting to me. He suddenly stopped and looked at me. I had stopped in my tracks and the smell of the place had took me back to being a little boy 30+ years previously. Memories flooded back.

    I was a little boy at my dads workplace… happy times. It was the smell of happiness.

  2. I have virtually no sense of smell so I have to take what I can find…and what a find…

    My wife’s neck anytime of the day, anywhere.

    There are a few more but they are minor. I wouldn’t trade the above for all of the others…ever.

    Delightful post.

  3. Hot buttered popcorn — freshly popped NOT microwaved.
    Steaming hot coffee with cream.
    Lilies of the Valley.
    The first snap of autumn on a summer night.
    Freshly sliced oranges and lemons.
    Warm apple cider with lots of cinnamon sticks.
    Walking in a pine forest.
    Clean towels right out of the dryer.
    Being awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking — eggs, bacon, pancakes/toast . . .
    The air, after a big rainstorm.
    Thanksgiving turkey and dressing roasting in the oven.
    The tomato viney smell on my hands after pruning and arranging my plants.
    Crushing a few leaves on my basil, rosemary, oregano, and mint potted plants.
    Backyard barbecues.
    Coconut scented suntan lotion -only at the beach.
    Salt water spraying off the ocean waves.
    Korean kal-bi barbecue.
    Winter white truffles on warm buttered papardelle noodles on the first day of truffle season at Babbo Restaurant in NYC.
    Theatre stage hints of sawdust, greasepaint . . .
    L’Occitane Lavande bubble bath.

    I agree that fragrance is the most powerful reminder of a memory. Whatever the scent, it takes you back to the first time (or a memorable time) that you smelled it. It makes indelible certain associated events in our lives. Thx for the posting — it was a lovely break to take a few minutes to think about it!!! All the best to you, Princess. From your friends in the U.S. — Ruth

  4. The first hyacinths of Spring.
    Cats ~ their fur, their breath, their essence.
    Freshly ground Coffee – which I don’t drink but my best beloved makes himself each morning.
    His discarded polo shirt which I superstitiously don’t wash until he’s wearing a fresh one.
    The scent of mum’s skin which I inhale each time I hug her.
    The air around, outside and in Old Trafford football ground.
    Just a few of mine.
    Thanks for another gorgeous post.
    Lily x

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