Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own

“Sometimes you can’t make it on your own” ~ U2

Or, as defined as by my dictionary

Support (vb): to carry the weight of; to give practical or emotional help; to give approval to;                         to take an active interest in


No-one gets through life without support; from the hand that holds you as you take your first steps, the friends that metaphorically & sometimes literally pick you up off the floor as you recover from heartbreak, the lover that strokes your hair and tells you that it will be alright. We all need it and have had it or we wouldn’t be here.

Support takes many forms, of course, and is not always the personal kind as implied in that paragraph. Manchester United are one of the biggest football clubs in the world due to their supporters (other football teams are available). A Man Utd shirt may not be welcome everywhere but it will certainly be recognised in many, many places. The same principle works for bands, films, etc; approval is shown by attending gigs, screenings and so forth then active interest is shown in talking about them, buying into the merchandise, spreading the word.

And there are many things that need support and that word spreading right now. Our libraries, our fire stations, our coastguards, our police, our NHS; the list of public services being decimated is ever increasing. Twitter is awash with accounts for all these; all suffering cuts, all needing our support, our active interest, in order to keep them going. As a society we need private business but we need public service too. One will never be able to function without the other.

Some of those accounts started just because one person had an idea. And told someone about it. And that person listened. And told someone else about it. And so, like Chinese Whispers but more effective, the word spreads. We’ve seen all too recently the damage that is caused by incorrect words being spread online so let’s redress that balance and take a bit of time to support those causes that do need pushing, to back those who are brave enough to have a good idea and tell someone else about it.

I’m not going to add a list of those that matter to me here. I write about them, I tweet about them, I promote them here & in my conversations. Who or what you choose to support is up to you; I just would like people to think about giving their support to the things in life that matter.

And, on that final note, nothing will matter more than your loved ones. Tell them you love them, support them, whether you think they need it or not, because none of us can make it on our own and we do all need each other. Do it today as one day there won’t be a tomorrow.





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