Don’t Piss On Love

“All you need is love” ~ The Beatles

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Love (vb): to have a great affection for a person or thing, to have a passionate desire for someone, to like (to do something) very much


No. Love is not all you need. But once you’ve got oxygen, water, shelter, and food, it becomes pretty important.

“Don’t piss on love” It’s a line from India Knight’s new novel as a response to someone is worrying over all the reasons that a relationship may not work out and all that could go wrong.

And it’s true. Love is far too amazing to be dismissed, disregarded, sidelined in a welter of worry. It’s powerful and life-changing and more than a little bit scary.

In love? Enjoy it. Bathe in the happiness.It’s a wonderful thing.

Loved someone? Been loved? You’re lucky, not everyone has that experience. I know a guy who thinks who has been truly in love with “the one” twice. But I know plenty more people who have never met anyone they would class as “the one”.

I’ve had my heart broken. More than once. My tales of relationship woe are wide and varied and, in one case, downright horrible. However, I love love. I don’t believe in it (read here) but I love it. I will retain that love whether my heart be broken again in the future or I never love someone again.

Love isn’t the answer to everything but actions, thoughts, words, expressed with love are a bloody good start. So if you have the chance then act with love, show love. Don’t worry about what could go wrong, don’t piss on it. Love is amazing. And, after all. rumour has it that it makes the world go round.



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