What Would You Do?

“With all your power, what would you do?” ~ The Flaming Lips

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Power (n): ability to do something; political, financial or social force or authority


If you know the song this is taken from then all this blog does is reinforce those questions.

If you had power, if you had influence, what would you do? It’s a question akin to ‘what if you won the lottery’ but without the millions of pounds part. That being said, if you had the power would you give yourself millions of pounds?

Power is a heady thing. We all have it, some more than others, but it’s there for everyone, in ways you may not have realised.

We have more power over other people than we think. In work we become managers, CEOs, sometimes run our own companies. We may have a voice in the media or be on the political spectrum. All roles where we can influence and, at times, directly affect other people’s lives.

Leaders, managers; they can lift people up, motivate them, inspire their workforce to strive for their best. They can also bully, belittle, and stifle people, leaving them flat, dispirited, unable to perform. Both actions can be done consciously and unconsciously; what will you choose to do?

In our personal lives, a smile or a frown can change another’s day. We can be so focused on ourselves that we end up clueless as to how our actions affect others. Anyone who has had their spirits lifted by a stranger holding the door open for them knows the power other people have to affect us. And so when it becomes about friends and loved ones that power is magnified tenfold. Who hasn’t been cast up in delight at an unexpected compliment or cried over neglect?

In summary, you may not rule your country, you may not be in charge of your office, you may think that no-one notices what you say or do, but you do have power. Your words, your actions, influence and affect other people. Now what will you do?

Interested in your thoughts, as always, on a comment box-shaped postcard.



5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I have an inherent suspicion of power. My paternal grandfather was a powerful politician and whilst carefully representing his constituents, he neglected his family. I’d welcome enough money to be financially secure for the life I have left. What would I do with “power”? Everything would be about society’s least fortunate. Shelter, warmth and food for all would be a right, not a privilege. Great question. Love. Lily x

  2. It may seem flippant but I feel that there’s a lot to be said for this …

    From Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – “Be excellent to each other”

    I’ve learned the hard way how careless words and deeds hurt, I wish everyone had the power to think before speech or action and realise how it may affect others.

  3. I’m with Lily, and Bill and Ted! I’d make things fairer – let those who need to rest do so, and let people do what they are good at and happy to (I’m assuming I can make that work, with all the power). The basic necessities, that goes without saying.

    Years ago I managed many people. I do not think I was a good manager to start with. I was a good manager later, when I’d learnt the power of positive and enablement (is that a word?).

    Be excellent to each other does sum it up. I try to make time to compliment and thank people, it makes me really happy, and sometimes people are exquisitely pleased about it.

    I think being nice is undervalued, and if I had the power I would change that.

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