Sexy And I Know It

“I’m sexy and I know it” ~ LMFAO

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Sexy (adj):  sexually exciting or attractive


Sexy isn’t a pair of heels and a push up bra.

Sexy isn’t a six pack.

Sexy isn’t blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tan.

Sexy isn’t stockings and a nurses uniform.

Sexy isn’t James Bond in a tux.

Sexy isn’t Playboy.

Sexy isn’t Cosmo.

Sexy isn’t Page Three.

Sexy isn’t the Chippendales (do they still exist?)

All of the above can be sexy. But of themselves in their entirety they are not.

Sexy is about the promise of sex. The “Here I am and don’t you wish you were too” attitude. If you happen to be able to pull that off whilst dressed as a nurse and fluttering your baby blues (applicable to men and women) then go for it. But sexy isn’t dressed as a nurse whilst actually longing to be on the sofa in PJs eating Hob Nobs.

Sexy is without embarrassment. Or, rather, the ability to deal and overcome embarrassment.

Sexy is sure as hell not ashamed for being so. I read an article recently that listed tattoos in the top 5 turn offs for men. Yet as friend said to me she’s never had a guy see her naked & say “Thank fuck, no tattoos!”

Sexy is comfortable to be naked with another, lights off or on.

Sexy is knowing and liking your own skin.

If someone doesn’t like you naked, doesn’t appreciate your skin; they’ve missed your sexy. Don’t get naked with them.



6 thoughts on “Sexy And I Know It

  1. Sexy is a state of mind. Sexy is how you carry yourself. This is why I personally don’t think much of the lads mags top 100 poll’s. If you look at women like Diana Dors, like Caroline Quentin, like Chrissie Hynde it is not always the obvious. The California blonde clones are pretty, but have no substance. The biggest sexual organ is the mind, and sometimes being pretty is not enough.

  2. Comfortable is sexy! I don’t feel sexy around most people, but with my husband I can feel sexy whether I’m in a slinky little dress, my slouchiest (and probably food stained) PJs, or nothing at all!

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