Best Friend

“You’re my best friend” ~ Queen

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Best Friend (n): someone with whom one shares the strongest possible friendship, an especially close and trusted friend


Dave & I met when we were 13 or 14. We could never quite be sure but it was that academic year.

We sat next to each other in French and exchanged conversations by writing in the back of his dictionary. I mainly wrote about boys. Given that he was hopelessly in love with me I don’t know how he put up with this but put up with me he did.

We were part of the geeks and misfits. Those souls who find each other, even though they’d rather not, cos that means admitting you are a geek and a misfit. But that’s what we were.

Obviously, as we all know now, the geek shall inherit the earth.

It was Dave that I binge watched TV with before binge watching TV was even a thing. The West Wing, 24, Desperate Housewives; all with Dave. When I moved away from our home town I struggled to watch any of the without him.

We later discovered we both loved Strictly Come Dancing when it returned to TV and would watch together via the medium of texting each other during the show. This became trickier when one of us wasn’t watching at the time so we fell in the habit of checking just before transmission. Every. Single. Time.

It’s Dave’s shoulder I have cried on like no other. Dave I text just to say “go outside and look at the moon”. Dave I turn to when my family are driving me to distraction and I need an escape.

He’s the only person I’ve ever known to drive without their shoes on. A habit that always slightly perturbed me. It’s legal. He checked.

Gentle but no pushover. Surprisingly tense for someone so laid back. Kinda meh about a lot of humanity but when he cared he cared.

And I can’t imagine the world without him. He would be mortified about the grief his loss is causing because he wouldn’t want those he loved to suffer. But there is no avoiding it. You can’t love someone this much and not die inside when they go.

Dave, you’re my best friend.


9 thoughts on “Best Friend

  1. Dave,

    No-one understood the importance of breaking off in a conversation to look up the etymology of a word like you did.

    I heard a phrase on the radio (Radio 4, of course) “It was as if a planet had disappeared from our solar system leaving an immense black void.” That’s your loss to me, my loss of you.

    Whenever we made plans we always joked that we would end up changing them. And we always did. I really wish we could have changed this one.

    You’re my best friend and I love you

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