“Trust in me, just in me” ~ The Jungle Book

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Trust (vb): to feel that (someone) is honest and means no harm, to feel that (something) is safe and reliable, to entrust



We all trust people, every day. You may be the least trusting person on the planet but if you have any sort of human interaction there is an element of trust. We trust people with our secrets, we trust people with our emotions, we trust that the person who says they will be in the pub at 6 will be in the pub at 6. We trust that the driver of the car stopping at the pedestrian crossing won’t put their foot down & floor us as we are halfway across the crossing.

The latter is included as, let’s face it, people can be rubbish. They can stand you up, they can let you down, they can tell you a lie and hurt you. Thankfully they don’t often floor complete strangers on pedestrian crossings though.

But people can also be great. They do turn up, they do keep your secrets, they do hold you when it feels like the whole world is falling down. And without that trust in some level of humanity, we lose the humanity. I’ve had my trust in humanity shattered, scattered into a thousand pieces, but it was the very self same humanity that put it back together again.

I once had a conversation with a friend about some circus acrobats she saw; throwing themselves into the air, knowing that someone was there to catch them. It takes skill, it takes dexterity, and it takes a great deal of trust. If you’re going to fly, you want someone to make sure it doesn’t turn into a fall.

And that’s great, if incredibly hard to do. If you’ve been hurt, if you’ve been dropped, it’s so so difficult to allow yourself to trust again.

But consider this: imagine being the person who is trusted. Imagine being the recipient of a secret, imagine being given a heart, imagine someone who is going to fly and possibly if not probably die if you don’t catch them. I think that’s amazing, precious beyond measure.

Learning to trust is great, but being the one who is trusted…that’s the best of all.




2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. In that sense, trust is a lot like love (and they involve each other a lot too, of course). You do not trust just because you want to be trusted – you do not love *because* your love is requited. It’s one of those things you just have to leap into the dark and DO. Of course, your willingness to do either again is rather dented when your leap into the dark meets either a brick wall in front or a gaping pit below, rather than the outstretched hands – or arms – you hope for.

    But then I’m an idealist. I’d rather keep trusting – and occasionally loving – and getting occasionally hurt, than not trust at all.

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