“Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” ~ Meghan Trainor

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Perfect (adj):  faultless, having all essential elements


What is it to be perfect? Our ideals of perfection are not constant, not in time nor in individual hopes or desires. Perfection is subjective. Notions of physical perfection have changed through the ages, as a stroll through National Portrait Gallery will assuredly confirm. And my idea of a perfect lover will most definitely not be yours.

So how can perfection be defined? It goes back to this word, this concept, ‘faultless‘. Who ever is faultless? We are bombarded with messages encouraging to blot out our perceived flaws; fat, wonky teeth, grey hair. Buy this cream, get this whitener, oh my god, haven’t you heard of hair dye? Who is to say that you aren’t perfect as you are? Certainly not any company that pitches ad campaigns designed to shame us and has profit margins to consider.

Perfect isn’t about being thin or buff; it’s not about being the nicest or the richest or the most academically achieved. It’s possible to be all these things and not be perfect.

I truly believe that being kind and considerate and compassionate are things we should all do more. But that doesn’t mean we should all be kindness automatons. Sometimes anger is right, it’s necessary. I may want to be a better person but I’m still going to have my days where I say fuck it and fuck you. Because I’m human. I’m faultless. I’m not perfect.

And I’ve got news. You’re not perfect either.

What you are, however, is the following part of the definition. You have all your essential elements. No-one else has your smile, your voice, your spark; the thousand iridescent elements that make you who you are. You’re not perfect but you are perfectly you.






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