Going Backwards (and why it’s sometimes ok)

“Two steps forward, two step back” ~ Paula Abdul

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Back (vb): to go or move backwards


Sometimes in life you have to go backwards to move forwards.

Whilst this sounds like a motivational Facebook post, it is in part literally true. I can confirm this by virtue the fact I was nearly hit by a car being reversed out of a parking space as the car in front was parked too closely to allow any forward room to manoeuvre. Dear Driver, I’m sorry. It was totally my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.

But what is true in the physical sense can also be relevant in a mental and emotional way. In life you may have to deal with a brick wall or a too closely parked car and the only thing to do is to go backwards. Please note, you are reversing, taking a step back. This is simply a mechanism to enable further forward motion. It is not turning your back and walking away.

Stepping back aids perspective. It allows us to see more fully the shape of the obstacle in front of us. Is this wall so big it is actually insurmountable? Or, if we reverse a little, can we see a route to the side or handholds that will help us climb to the top?

Perspective is essential; in driving, in life. You need to be aware of what is around you, the size and shape, the impact on your space and your life. But sometimes things that seem so big, so close, so impassable…you just need to take a step or two back and then you’ll start seeing your way clear to be able to move forward again once more.

But please do remember to keep an eye out for that errant pedestrian crossing behind you when you are reversing. Thank you.





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