“I’ve got a great idea” ~ Harry Connick Jnr

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Idea (n): any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity. A thought, conception, or notion.


Have a look around you. You are surrounded by the product of ideas. From the device you are reading this on to the gadget you last used in your kitchen, from the last medical treatment you received to the clothes you are currently wearing. (And if you are reading this naked – put some clothes on, you’ll catch your death!)

My point is that everything starts with an idea. Some of them are great like “let’s have another drink“. And some of them are terrible like “let’s just have one more“. Some are the start of something amazing, some of them turn out to be more Sinclair C5.

But they are all ideas and the idea is the birth of the creative process. We wouldn’t have landed on the moon, built the Taj Mahal,  flown by Concorde, if somebody somewhere hadn’t had the idea, the spark that started it all. So what other marvels are we still to create?

Of course not all ideas turn out to be good – someone created the sub machine gun, someone created the atom bomb. Human beings have devoted vast swathes of time on various methods of killing each other. But then we have also eradicated smallpox, we created penicillin, somebody somewhere created Compeed* plasters for blisters and I thank them every time I wear a new pair of shoes.

So think about your ideas; the good, the bad, the crazy, the romantic, the implausible ones, the impractical ones. What could you do to turn them into reality today? Have tinker, make a few sketches, work on your pitch to Dragons Den. Where could your ideas of today take us in the tomorrow of the future?





*other blister products are available

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