All The Time In The World

“We have all the time in the world” ~ Louis Armstrong

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Time (n): the past, present, and future regarded as a continuous whole.


Except we don’t. Have all the time in the world, I mean. We each have the same number of seconds, minutes, hours, in a day. But none of us know when those will end. None of us knows when the errant moment on the road may occur, when the diagnosis may be made, when the night comes that we don’t wake from.

Some advocate carpe diem – seize the day. Don’t let a single second of your most precious life go by without doing something with it. As though we are supposed to stuff every single second with activity and meaning.

I just add this; if you want to lie on the sofa reading for several hours, then do it. If you want to spend three hours in Homebase deciding on a choice of paint, then do it. It is your time to spend and your time to waste, your time to do with as you want. Those moments of doing absolutely nothing can be every bit as rewarding as those spent bungee-jumping or climbing mountains.

We can’t and won’t all be rocket scientists or brain surgeons, amazing novelists or life-changing politicians. But we can and should be us, using and enjoying our time our way.

You don’t know what time you have so use it as you choose. You have all the time in your world, so why not spend it doing what you want.



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