“Play the game. Everybody play the game” ~ Queen

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Play (vb): to occupy oneself in a sport or recreation


When did life become so serious?

Jobs to do, bills to pay, offices to attend, children to ferry to and fro. All the daily minutiae of life that grinds us down. When did it all become one long chore?

But you know something; absolutely nothing awful will happen if you don’t wash those dishes tonight. The world will not end if you don’t hoover the carpet. There is nothing more important than going outside right now and playing hopscotch. Or digging in that cupboard to set up a game of KerPlunk.

“What we play is life” said Louis Armstrong. And he’s right. So let’s play more, let’s play better.

And bonus points to you if you can do so on a Spacehopper.






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