“People are people” ~ Depeche Mode

Or, as defined by my dictionary

People (n): persons collectively or in general


This week, as part of the Brighton Digital Festival, The Waiting Wall has been displaying electronic messages submitted anonymously by members of the public.

They have also been displayed online here.  (I don’t know what will happen to the site after the festival has ended but I will update this post if there is a further link.)

Personally I have been gripped by this display online. The breadth of humanity, the raw nature of some of the messages, the secret wishes of the heart, the harrowing pain that some feel; never have I wanted to hold so many random strangers so tightly.

IMG_0506 IMG_0505

And although those may not be something that resonate with everyone, who hasn’t at some point felt like this?


But what is beautiful about people is also the joy, the love of life, the happiness, and that can be truly uplifting.



I don’t know what your message might be or if you have something you want to say and never have. But maybe take some time to think about it; write it down, message the wall, tell the person, do whatever feels right for you.

But let me leave you with this, because it’s true and you are.




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