“I just can’t get enough” ~ Depeche Mode

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Enough (adj): as much or as many as necessary


Enough. What is enough for you? Are you easily satisfied or do you always want more?

Someone (Gary Oldman, I believe, but am happy to be corrected) once said in an interview he was so addicted to smoking that he wanted another cigarette whilst still smoking the one in his hand. Similarly I have been known to want another cup of tea or glass of wine whilst I am drinking the one in front me.

What happened to enjoying what we have, right here, right now?

That’s not to say it isn’t good to want more, want differently, but at the expense of enjoying, appreciating, what you already have? Is that really a good idea? What price all your amazing plans for life, for love, for anything, if you spend all the time planning the next one  instead of enjoying what you have achieved?

I think we all sometimes spend too much time thinking or worrying or planning or anticipating what we will do, have, make, next that we don’t stop and think ‘this, right here, this is enough’. Maybe it won’t be enough forever but then forever is made up of lots of moments. I think we should spend more time enjoying the moments we are in instead of mentally always seeking the next. Because, to be prosaic about it,  one day there won’t be another one. Don’t we owe to ourselves to enjoy our moments while we have them?

So next time you are organising seeing friends again, or imagining your next glass of wine or cigarette, next time you catch yourself planning your next moment instead of appreciating the one you are in… Just stop. Take a breath. Look around. And think “This, right here, this is enough.”

Interested in your thoughts, as always. Drop me a line on a comment box-shaped postcard.




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