Hooked On A Feeling?

“Hooked on a feeling” ~ Blue Swede

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Feeling (n): an emotional reaction, emotional sensitivity


Have you felt something so strongly, so deeply and desperately that you can’t bear to let it go? What are you scared will happen if you do?

The thing is, the really important thing is, you have to. You have to let go. Otherwise how can you ever experience, ever feel, anything else, anything new? Lust, desire, love… all such strong emotions. Yet hate can be as strong as love. Malice, jealousy, the desire to quash someone…all as gripping, all as obsessive. Do you want to hold that, feel that, forever?  If you’re so desperate to hang on to something then it will just become stale in your hands and your heart, and you will never experience the joy something fresh.

So it’s ok to let go, to relinquish your grip. More than ok, it’s better. Because once you create that space, there is so much more to feel.

Our emotions don’t fill up. We don’t ever get full; we are not like a tape or a floppy disc or a memory stick. Our capacity to feel is infinite beyond the scope of the Cloud. We can always experience anew the scent of fresh flowers or feel warm rain on our skin. There is always someone new, something new, to love, no matter how hard our hearts have been shattered in the past.

So open your hands, open your heart. Stop holding on and see how many more amazing feelings come your way.




One thought on “Hooked On A Feeling?

  1. I’ve got a favourite quote, taken from ‘Instances of the Number 3’, written by Salley Vickers, which very much echoes your post:

    “Did the living merely ‘act’ reality? But in life there was no clear, tangible ‘reality’, only choices, and as you chose you closed your own version of reality round you, like a garment, until it fitted and became your particular fate [..] And then that also became the fate of those near you.”

    I’ve noticed that, depending on how I’m feeling, I either look towards the future when life feels good, or back to the past when it doesn’t. Of course, to just be in the moment is the perfect way to live but, at best, for me at least, those moments are transient. Apart from meditating, I find photography helps me to observe and be present – just walking with a camera, immersing myself in my surroundings.

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