Good Things

“Good thing, where have you gone?” ~ Fine Young Cannibals

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Good thing (n): an object, fact, or circumstance having admirable or pleasing qualities


Why don’t we talk more about the good things? When was the last time you contacted a friend to tell them what a great day you had, about some feedback you received for some hard work, about that really cute boy or girl you met last night?

Because I bet you were straight on the phone, on a text, online, to say when something bad happened, when someone said something nasty, when things in life went wrong.

And that’s entirely right and understandable. Our friends are there for us when things are hard, as we are there for them. Yet why is the reverse treated as so taboo?

There appears to be a school of thought that it’s not ‘good form’ to share positives, as though it’s not the done thing. Yet why should we all hide our lights under bushels? Why shouldn’t we shout it from the rooftops when something nice happens?

Isn’t there a little too much misery in the world right now? Is this not the time to share small triumphs, happy moments, the joy of life? Because they are always to found, even in the most barren of places.

So I’m calling that out. False modesty, car-park, now. Your days are over, pal.

Let us lean on our friends in times of adversity but let us also all share in our triumphs, smile at our success, and celebrate the good, be it big or small.

What are your good times? If you aren’t sure who else to share them with then drop me a line on a comment box-shaped postcard. I’d love to hear from you.








Comment Box-Shaped Postcard

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