Funny how…

“It’s funny how the girls you fall in love with never fancy you, it’s funny how the ones you don’t do” ~ Airhead

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Unrequited (adj): (of love, affection, etc) not returned


Now I did a whole blog on love recently (it’s here if you missed it). I don’t intend to dwell on all those details again, just the unrequited bit. Or, to be more accurate, having a crush.

Aren’t crushes ace? I love them. That daydream you can go into over someone’s voice, or smile, or eyes. Or, if you want to get a bit more personal, their body. Perfectly harmless, passes the time, you’d never do anything with them in a million years for real but nice to daydream about it. I have a very happily married friend who loves her husband very much but she find life goes by that little bit more nicely with just a bit of a crush on someone else. She would never cheat on him in a million years, it’s totally harmless fun.

Then you get into the territory of crushes that may or may not be reciprocated. Do I like him/her? Do they like me? Your phone goes & you jump & hope & grab it & check the screen. The flutter that goes through you if it is your crush making contact is amazing. Even if the text is the most banal “Hey, how’s you today?” type, it still leaves you grinning for hours. Yet we so rarely get crushes on the right people. The ability of people to fall for the wrong people is truly mind-blowing, and I include myself in that. It’s¬†painful when they are just saying hello and you are pining from afar. Or, and I find this one worse, you are the subject of the crush and you’re not interested. Your phone goes, you know who it’s going to be and you just ignore it, cos you don’t want to reply but you don’t want them. It really is funny how…

Sometimes these things can go very horribly south. We can convince ourselves that the merest ‘hello’ or pleasant word is a sign that they’re the one and it’s meant to be. I’ve been guilty of phoning a guy a few more times than was wise in my youth. Thankfully these days I am older, wiser, and slightly more mindful of my dignity. But I still get those crushes, generally on all the wrong people. And occasionally on a right one.

I wrote this cos my phone beeped half an hour ago. I haven’t looked yet. Cos I’m the subject of a ‘funny how…’ bad crush. Yet it beeped again just now, different tone, and I’m smiling, even though I haven’t looked at that either, cos that’s someone I have a crush texting me. Hope it says more than “Hey, how’s you today?”

Tell me about your crushes, good or bad. You can keep it anonymous if you like. I promise I will never tell…