Just Because Happiness

“I feel myself falling, I’m feeling happy now” ~ Take That

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Happy (adj): feeling or expressing joy, causing joy or gladness, fortunate or lucky


Sometimes, it is the unexpected things that make me smile…


Happiness is:


Chatting with strangers in a pub

Bumping into a friend

Lunch dates that last for hours

Nice post

Proper laugh out loud conversations

Leopard ears

Being appreciated


Winning something in a competition

Having a ‘meeting of minds’ moment with a new friend



Be happy.






“You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss”

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Kiss (vb): to touch with the lips as an expression of love, greeting, or respect


It is a truth universally acknowledged (by me, in my universe) that whilst a good kiss that transport you utterly, a bad kiss can put you off kissing for life.

To be clear, before I proceed, this is about ‘kissing’. As in French kissing, snogging, that stuff with tongues, etc. Ok? Right, I shall continue.

I don’t know if it’s true or just a myth pushed out by Pretty Woman & then propagated but apparently prostitutes don’t kiss their clients. I didn’t research it for this as I didn’t really want to. I can understand the point, if true, as kissing is deeply personal. And, if you think about the process, a bit ick; all those unbrushed teeth, tongues, weird mouth stuff. I mean, we like this stuff? Really?

Yet a good kiss is amazing. When you like someone, they like you, & you kiss; it’s like nothing else on earth. The world does cease to exist for those seconds. Seconds that can seem like minutes. I will always remember the first time an ex of mine & I first kissed. We’d been out, had a few drinks, got on so well, all the usual stuff. To this day, we will argue happily about who moved first, but we kissed and it was the classic of a good first kiss. For both of us.

But I remember, in those milliseconds before it happened, thinking ‘Oh god, please let him be a good kisser.’ And that is because of bad kissing.

Bad kissing, for me, can put you off kissing anyone, ever, for life. Previously I have encountered dry lips, lack of mouth opening, no tongue action (guys, hello?), slobbering, & worst, of all, pointy teeth. The latter was combined with being grabbed & unable to get free. Top tip: if you’re going to grab someone hard for a kiss, be sure that they want it & that you know what you’re doing it. I’m hardly advocating that kissing be on the National Curriculum (despite how many of us may have learnt technique at school) but surely a little thought into what feels nice would not go amiss?

So, I guess, maybe bad kissing doesn’t put you off for life. Or, at least, it doesn’t me. Wish I could remember my last kiss, mind you. But then I’m also looking forward to the next one. I’ll leave you with this: the best description of how to kiss that doesn’t even use the word.



Happy whistling. I mean, kissing!