Just Because Happiness

“I feel myself falling, I’m feeling happy now” ~ Take That

Or, as defined by my dictionary:

Happy (adj): feeling or expressing joy, causing joy or gladness, fortunate or lucky


Sometimes, it is the unexpected things that make me smile…


Happiness is:


Chatting with strangers in a pub

Bumping into a friend

Lunch dates that last for hours

Nice post

Proper laugh out loud conversations

Leopard ears

Being appreciated


Winning something in a competition

Having a ‘meeting of minds’ moment with a new friend



Be happy.






“Never give in, hope is all we have and all we’ve ever known” ~ The Blackout

Or, as defined by my dictionary

Hope (vb): to trust or believe


According to Greek mythology, Pandora is a beautiful, seductive woman created by the Gods as punishment on mankind for the theft of fire by Prometheus. Prometheus warns his brother Epimetheus not to trust the Gods but he does not listen and marries Pandora. She, out of curiosity, opens a chest that releases all the evils into the world and life for mankind seems unutterably bleak. But also in the chest is the gift of hope; to help cope with all these evils.

(Please note this is the loosest interpretation of this story ever. For further reading, I refer you to Hesiod.)

Anyway, the point being that we have hope. No matter how bleak life is, how awful the day, the horrors we have to face, there is always the hope that it will get better, things will improve, someone will help us face and defeat those horrors.

A life without hope is a terrible thing. The word despair means exactly that, coming from the Latin for without hope. Some people do get that bleak. They can no longer see hope on the horizon or a chance of improvement. My heart goes out them.

Others seemingly never lose it. No matter what life throws at them, tomorrow is always another day. The indomitable spirit rises and overcomes all obstacles. Which is a truly grand way to live.

Hope, of course, means different things to different people. Hope springs eternal, we live in hope. Phrases dotted around our everyday discourse. But it’s essential to our make up. Whether you hope for the all clear on a scan for a loved one, that your car passes the MOT, that it will for once stop bloody raining on your day off, these are all valid, understandable feelings, albeit on a varying scale. People chase causes and make stands, in the hope they can make a difference, make things better. We chase our hopes and dreams. We hope that things will never have happened, which is impossible, obviously, and we hope that things one day will be better.

Just remember this; the sun will always rise. Even if veiled behind thick cloud and sleeting rain, a new day always dawns. This is the thought that has kept me going through the most hopeless of times. The idea that the world will keep turning, with me or without me, but that each day is a new one to be experienced, to be lived. And, at times, hoped to be better that the last.

So please don’t lose your hope. Don’t give in to despair. The sun is out there, dawning. You matter more to people than you will ever realise. Without you our lives would be different. Please don’t ever, whoever you are, lose your hope.